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Uncertain Times Reveal Hidden Treasures

Photo by NOAA on Unsplash

by Pamela Jenkins

10 months ago

When life is stressful and the pressure is on, everything that is held deep inside of us will begin to reveal itself. As thoughts and beliefs get triggered, its certain for emotional reactions to follow. Just remember that when emotions are highly stirred up, a belief is usually sitting right underneath it. 

During stressful and uncertain times, we all can be emotionally triggered from time to time. Maybe we feel helpless and unsupported, like the world is on our shoulders and nobody cares. Maybe we feel like we did when we were kids. I often find that the events that highly trigger me as an adult feel very familiar, like the feelings I experienced as a child. We often learn by association and when patterns of thinking and reacting form in our lives, it is difficult to overcome them without some sort of intentional intervention. This intervention is usually both psychological and spiritual, or as I like to say, psychospiritual. 

It seems uncanny but these uncertain times that we all face give us the perfect opportunity to slow down and self-reflect. It is this self-examination process that can usher in the healing that most of us have needed since we were children. Unfortunately, it is difficult to heal until we fully submit to the process. When we study the process of purifying gold, we understand how the heat is a necessary step to rid the gold of all of its impurities. Humans are no different, we are changed by pressure, crisis and adversity which give way to something much greater in our lives. One of the keys to greater personal growth in times of adversity is letting go of our resistance to change. Letting go of the fight brings great transformation. The problem is that we don’t know what it is that we are fighting, maybe its unforgiveness, pride, shame, guilt etc.  

We all have emotional baggage and most of us have burdens so buried that they would never surface unless they were exposed by difficult circumstances. Think of your feelings as lie detectors that reveal what you truly believe based upon past experiences. Our minds can be so wrapped up in lies that it seems as though we are tossed to and fro like the waves of the sea during a monstrous storm. 

I challenge you to get quiet and focus on how you are feeling when circumstances begin to trigger your emotions. Then allow your mind to associate it to a previous memory in which you felt the same way.  I have done this many times only to have memories surface that seemed totally unrelated to my current situation until I dug a little deeper. I may often wonder what a particular memory had to do with my current situation but lo and behold there it was, the belief sitting right there. It was most often something that I was believing about myself based upon past experiences in my life. I often find that it is not the memory itself that is the problem, it is how we interpreted the memory. This is precisely why interpretation and perception are so powerful in our lives. A slight change in perception can change the trajectory of our entire future. This change is what is known as a paradigm shift.  

What happens when you finally see the connection between what you believed as a child and brought forth into your adult experience? The lie(s) must be replaced by Truth, and therefore you must seek the Truth. When you know the Truth, it frees you. Sometimes you hear it within, sometimes you see it in your mind's eye and sometimes you just know intuitively the message that it speaks. The outcome is always peace and calm amid the storm. 

It really doesn’t matter whether you believe in a higher power or not, it does not change the Truth. I was once a skeptic and it did not change the Truth. My Christian experience has taught me many things, but it is my own personal journey. I am learning to stop putting God in a box, seems even the thought of that phrase sounds absurd. 

Both believers and nonbelievers alike will experience life in similar ways, both groups believe lies and get exposed by circumstances. The real question is where do you turn when you are pushed to the edge and desperate for help? Do you turn to your own earthly power or do you humble and surrender yourself to a higher power? When you have grown up solely relying upon yourself for everything in life, it is difficult to let go and surrender to something that you cannot see and do not trust. It is a process and it takes time to heal, but I promise that when you do have those moments of letting go, your life moving forward will forever be changed for the better!